4-3-11 The Council are FINALLY installing the further 14 places.

2-11 Over 25% of the questionaires were returned to the Council ( compared to the normal 3%)
The Unofficial result of the Stop & Shop Public Consultation is that 60% are in favour, so the plans have 
been referred back to the Council to proceed  
29-9 The Council have embarked on a brief period of consultation about stop & shop on the Lane, copies of the Consultation document will be available from the Bookshop on Thursday 30th September and is available for inspection in John Martin Estates.

7-8 The Council have issued Traffic Orders taking the number of Stop & Shop places  to 13 ( out of 52),
They are shortly to launch period of consultation to increase this by another 14 places, this recently enlarged
area of consultation was forced upon the Council by the PCA who requested the Council to Consult the original
area of consultation of the Streets for the People scheme, i.e. 3000 households, for a daytime displacement of
14 vehicles- which is a little excessive, especially when one considers that the local petition in favour of stop &
shop obtained 2000 signatures in 8 days.  ( which of these actions, the PCA's request or the petition- shows
democacy in action?)
A large number of the petitioners actually live on the Lane or on the Lane end of the sidestreets.
The vast majority of local residents recognise that for the community to survive, there must be an adequate provision of
stop & shop places. Pitshanger Lane has become an area where people park & ride, they commute in & then travel into
town by public transport, benefitting no-one, and yet of the 52 possible parking places only 13 have been allocated
for stop & shop-  in most of the other places people can park all day!

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